About Us

About Us

Graham C. Lount Family Foundation

The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation is a private charitable organization located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founded in 2001 by Graham Lount, its overall mission is to promote the healthy development and personal growth opportunities of vulnerable children and youth residing in the Greater Winnipeg area. 

The foundation is funded by Graham Lount and Lount Corporation. Since its inception, the foundation has distributed approximately $5.9 million to 83 charitable organizations in Winnipeg. 

The family foundation is composed of a board of directors that communicates regularly to manage ongoing foundation business and meets annually to make decisions on the grant applications received. These annual meetings usually happen in May or June of each year, with April 1st grant application deadlines and grants distributed in June or July. Some exceptions are made for youth summer programming. Grants are made to charitable, non-profit organizations based in Greater Winnipeg.

Our Founder

Graham Conrad Lount was born in Winnipeg on June 30, 1921 and died peacefully on October 30, 2016. Graham graduated from Architecture at the University of Manitoba in 1945 and started building houses while in university. He and his father Charles formed C.T. Lount Construction in 1947, with total assets of a Studebaker pickup truck and 5 HP DeWalt saw. Their company grew from building single family homes to multi-unit developments to high rises, which mark Winnipeg’s skyline – 55 Nassau, Kiltarton Towers, Fountain House, Hillsborough House, 7/11 Evergreen, and Sussex House. Graham developed properties in both Canada and the United States. Conrad House on River Avenue was built by Lount Corporation and completed in 2016.

Although Graham spent the winter in Naples, Florida, he was strongly connected to Winnipeg his entire life and considered it home. He volunteered his time in many organizations over the years, including: president of the Winnipeg Homebuilders Association; first president of the Fort Garry Rotary Club; first president of the Red River Exhibition; president of the Kinsmen Club; president of the National Homebuilders Association; and a member of the National Building Code Board, the Canadian Institute of Public Real Estate Companies Board, Ladco Board and the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg.

Graham created the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation to support vulnerable children and youth of Greater Winnipeg in perpetuity. The foundation has supported over 60 organizations in Winnipeg since it was founded in 2001. Three generations of the Lount family are involved in its philanthropic work and are very grateful for his generosity and foresight. In 2017, the fourth generation, some of Graham's great grandchildren will become junior board members.

Graham felt strongly about giving back to the community where he and his family grew up and prospered. He enjoyed sharing the experience of grant making with his children and grandchildren and instilling philanthropic values in the long term. 

Board of Directors

Susan Stovel, President
Derek Lount, Vice-President
Colin Lount, Treasurer

Board Members

Jennifer Lount-Taylor

Helen Lount

Laura Stovel

Ali Lount

Ben Lount

Nick Lount

Sam Lount

Matthew Lount

April Lavilla-Lount

Hannah Burman


Staff & Volunteers

The foundation staff and volunteers are here to assist you.  contact us

Tamara Burman, Executive Director

Ali Lount, Community Liaison

Nick Lount, Community Liaison