Funding Update

Grant Applications currently ON HOLD from Winnipeg organizations not currently funded by the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation

The past few years have allowed the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation board and staff to reflect and ask ourselves how we can best contribute to the Winnipeg community through both our grantee partner relationships and grant application processes.

During this reflection period, we have also been focusing on implementing trust-based philanthropy practices ( While respect and trust have been core values in our family foundation’s work, we are moving towards embodying trust by providing multi-year unrestricted grants, streamlining our reporting and embracing transparent and responsive communication. We believe that trust-based philanthropy allows for a more meaningful connection with our grantee partners and helps to alleviate the inherent power imbalances between funders and grantees.  

Multi-year funding, increasing grant allotments and ongoing conversations with grantees all have an impact on the family foundation’s granting processes for the future. Therefore, we are placing a hold on any new grant applications from organizations that are not currently funded by the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation. Please be assured that we will continue to fund all of our current and renewable multi-year grantee partners while we pause to reflect on the future direction of our family foundation.


For More Information Contact:

Tamara Burman
Executive Director, Graham C. Lount Family Foundation