Janauary 18, 2020

Update Re: The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation’s plans and commitments in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

One of the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation’s principles is to serve as a collaborative partner with our grantees. We have been in touch with your organizations throughout these unprecedented times and are impressed and thankful for your resilience and adaptations during the pandemic. Winter in Winnipeg plus a second wave make your lives even more challenging. We wanted to send an update on the steps we continue to take at the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation in light of COVID-19.

Our Operations

We are available and will respond to your requests in a timely manner. We are happy to schedule videoconferencing and/or conference calls. Please email Tamara Burman, executive director of the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation, at to ask questions, provide updates and schedule conversations.

Ongoing Support and Flexibility with our Grantees

We are fully aware of the major implications that COVID-19 is having on the Winnipeg organizations we support. We hope the vaccine will eventually allow for increased in-person activities, but we understand there will likely be longer-term implications and we will continue to adapt our processes.

The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation aims to be flexible and responsive to the needs of vulnerable children and youth in Greater Winnipeg. At this time, we commit to the following: 

  • Welcoming discussions about revisiting grant objectives, timelines and terms to ensure you can focus on more emergent needs at this time. We are open to exploring   alternatives when it is necessary to delay or postpone plans altogether.
  • Committing to the release of grant payments in a timely manner. We are also open to reviewing requests to augment or accelerate approved grant payments, based upon your organization’s individual circumstances.
  • An understanding that indoor activities, events and other larger gatherings that may be part of your grant with us are likely to be adapted, postponed or cancelled. We can work with you to explore these implications, including how the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation funds allocated for those purposes can be used.

Please reach out directly to Tamara Burman on these or any other matters you want to bring to our attention. We want to be a constructive partner with you and understand the flexibility and responsiveness this moment demands of all of us.

Our Funding Commitments are Unchanged

While our finances continue to fluctuate, we are committing to the level of financial support we have provided in past years. This means we intend to maintain our current level of grant support in the 2021-2022 granting period. Please note that the grant deadline for all 2021-2022 grant applications and this past year’s final reports is April 1, 2021.

We are Engaging in Collective Efforts

The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation is connecting with other Winnipeg foundations and philanthropic organizations to explore ways that we can work together more efficiently and direct resources to the most vulnerable children and youth amongst us. We will let you know about our role in these partnerships as they develop.

We are Committed to Supporting the Winnipeg community

As we live through this experience together, the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation is grateful to all of our Winnipeg partners who continue to rise up and respond to the needs of the children, youth and their families in your communities. You are the heroes. Thank you for your ongoing resilience, dedication and caring!


The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation board members