March 18, 2020


Dear valued Winnipeg organizations, 

As Executive Director of the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation, I want to acknowledge that our board members are aware of the current challenges facing Winnipeg organizations. In particular, we know that most children and youth programs have been suspended. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing daily and is having widespread effects around the world, within Canada and the Winnipeg community. We understand there will be many changes within your organizations. We want to reassure you that our grant funds are available to be used as you deem necessary due to the changing situation. You are the experts and we know that the funds will be used in the best interest of your organization, your employees and your participants.

Due to the severe market downturn around the world, our family foundation is also experiencing a difficult economic situation. We are hoping to support as many organizations as possible for the 2020-2021 grant year. In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the foundation, we may have to reduce the amounts being granted and/or suspend any grants from new applicants. We will keep you informed when we know more. 

The foundation board recognizes that worthy non-profit organizations face major challenges securing the funding needed to carry on your essential community work, especially within our environment of greater physical, emotional, economic and social stress. 

In the meantime, I will be available to answer any questions around your year-end reporting or coming applications due April 1, 2020. Thank you again for your dedicated work in supporting vulnerable children and youth in Winnipeg and we wish you all strength and resilience during this difficult time.




Tamara Burman

Executive Director, Graham C. Lount Family Foundation