What We Fund

What We Fund

Lount Family Charitable Foundation Grants

Funding is on an annual basis to qualified charitable organizations. Application deadline for assistance is April 1st of each year. In exceptional circumstances, the board may consider other application dates. Applicants will receive notification of funding decisions within two months of their submission being received. The board selects the successful grantees based upon their evaluation of the applications received and the funds available. 

Grant Criteria

As outlined in the mission statement, projects must clearly demonstrate how they will support the healthy development and personal growth opportunities of vulnerable children and youth living in Greater Winnipeg. Priority will be given to programs that involve those affected (children and youth) in the planning, development, governance and outcome evaluation of the program, based upon the conviction that successful change is enhanced through their active participation. Strengthening the capacity of the children and youth in the longer term is an ultimate goal of the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation grants.

Successful proposals will describe what the project hopes to accomplish in clear, specific language, including:

  • who the project will benefit;
  • proposed activities/strategies;
  • expected outcomes; and an
  • evaluation plan.

Proposals will also include background information on your organization (e.g., annual report, board members, related activities), budget and supplemental funding opportunities. A maximum allotment of $20,000 will be given to an organization in any given year. Some exceptions may apply with long standing grant partnerships and capacity builidng intiatives.

How To Apply

Information For Applicants


  • Through its grants program, the Graham C. Lount Family Foundation supports qualified charitable organizations to promote the healthy development and personal growth opportunities of vulnerable children and youth in the Greater Winnipeg area.
  • Grants are made only to organizations that are registered as charities with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act.
  • Grants are awarded on an annual basis to qualified organizations.  

The following are not eligible for grants:

  • annual fund drives
  • building campaigns (small, identifiable components of capital projects may be considered)
  • deficit reduction and retro-active funding
  • direct religious activities
  • political activities
  • media campaigns or advocacy projects

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For More Information Contact:

Tamara Burman
Executive Director, Graham C. Lount Family Foundation
Email: tburman@shaw.ca